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Travel Business Advertising across the TravelSherpa Social Travel App Network!

TravelSherpa is a social travel planning app for iPhone & Android phone. Travel related businesses servicing travellers can add sponsored to-dos to our apps for AUD$159/yr and target an unlimited number of travellers planning trips to your city and travel business location. Your travel to-do will be prioritised over all user generated to-dos.

Note: your to-dos must be useful for travellers! i.e. Bike hire to ride the Golden Gate bridge, New York City subway art tour, Scuba diving course in Fiji, cafes, bars, events, things to see etc.

AUD$159/yr flat fee; unlimited travellers

Advertise your travel related business and allow travellers to add your to-dos to their 'travel to-do lists'. Your sponsored travel business advertising will be shown to every traveller planning trips to your businesses city location for a full calendar year from date of payment. Sponsored to-do's are shown on-going and are paid for up-front on a subscription which you can cancel at any time during the year to remove your ad across the TravelSherpa network for the following year, for further info contact app support helpdesk.

Advertise your travel business now:

Travel Business Advertising on Travel Sherpa social travel apps Find Travel Companions and People to Travel with Overseas

Why TravelSherpa will be your new favourite travel app!

Looking for travel buddies and travel companions?

TravelSherpa allows you to easily find and connect with other travellers who have the same travel dates and destination plans as you.

Connect with a local resident & have them show you the town!

Not only will you explore with the locals and get real local experiences, you'll have the opportunity of meeting new friends from all over the world making your travels much more rewarding!

Don't miss any must see to-dos!

Always realising you forgot to see something after you have left? TravelSherpa is here to help! With our app, you can create trip bucketlists from our todo database which allows you to add and remove travel todos for a destination at any time, you can even add your own and contribute to the travel community and help other travellers have the best experiences!

TravelSherpa key features include:

Help us create an interconnected global travel community!

TravelSherpa is a social travel app. Find travel companions, connect with local residents, create trip to-do lists and track & share your travels!

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